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Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

Interior Design Cost In Bangalore 2023 (1,2,3 BHK And Per Sq Ft)

As they say, “Without good interiors, a home is a body without a soul”. Good home interior design is the heart of every adobe, whether you live in an apartment, flat, small or duplex house. Everybody wants their home to look chic.

Home furnishing has transformed beyond just furniture. A beautiful home can be decorated and designed even within a small budget. Sounds like an impossible dream? Well, it’s not. The trick is to decide on a good plan, and a great interior designer will take care of the rest. 

If you are a homeowner who wants to revamp your house into a personalised haven, then you have come to the right place. Home interior is a long-term investment that stays with you turning your home into a cosy place. Here, you will get a complete guide on the cost of interior design in Bangalore

Things covered in this write-up

  • Home interior design cost In Bangalore
  • Factors influencing the cost
  • 1 BHK interior design cost in Bangalore
  • 2 BHK interior design cost in Bangalore
  • 3 BHK interior design cost in Bangalore

If you live in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore and plan to get a lovely apartment, consider consulting a professional interior designer. A well-designed decor transforms your adobe into your dream space. 

The interior work cost in Bangalore per square foot depends upon furniture requirements and the total area of the house. A 1 BHK flat may require investment of 2 lacs and more, while a 2 BHK may require you to shell out 5 lacs and more.

Different Costs Involved in Interior Designing

For example, you and your friend recently purchased different 1 BHK flats in Bangalore, where you spent approximately 2 lacs for interior design, and your friend spent roughly 4 lacs. 

So why there’s such a huge amount of difference? 

Interior design cost in Bangalore depends upon numerous factors:

  • Design costs are directly proportional to the size of your house. Bigger the place, the higher the price. In some cases, the cost of smaller living spaces is high, especially if it involves sophisticated and complex interiors.

  • The quality of materials is a significant factor in pricing. Quality materials are the elements that are used to accentuate the design.  

  • Another factor that dictates the pricing is types of house paint. Painting brings beauty and positive appeal to walls and protects them from dampness.  

  • Plumbing service, electrical support or after-maintenance service also surges the price.

  • If your house is in a posh area in Bangalore, furnishing costs in such localities are higher.

  • Even the brand value of the interior designer matters when it comes to valuation. A new designer will charge you less in comparison to a veteran. 

  • You need to pay a hefty amount if you want a unique home interior design that entails lots of changes, complex planning, and designing using rare raw materials.

  • The markup on products also affects the cost. In simple terms, if the price of a sofa set is roughly INR 25,000, the designer can mark it up to INR 30,000 in the project. This implies the designer adds a surcharge to each item you purchase.

  • Designers can charge you an additional iteration fee if you are dissatisfied with any design and request significant alterations. 

1 BHK Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

Interiors for a compact home are not a joke. Most interior designers come across clients who say our apartment is 1 BHK which is modest, so we want to keep our interiors minimal. 

Do you know that even a moderate apartment demands a lot of work to improve the room’s aesthetics?

The cost of interior design depends on various factors like the type of design you choose, the materials and the finishes used. Also, the furniture and decor you select to match your interiors play a critical role. 

Considering the current interior design trends in India and market situation, the cost of interior design for 1 BHK flat in Bangalore will be approximately INR 2 to 3 lacs with lavish furnishing and modular setup. 

For expensive finishes, the price of a minimalist 1 BHK home may shoot up to 4 to 5 lacs.

Things usually covered are:

1 BHK Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

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2 BHK Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

The interior design cost for 2 BHK in Bangalore is comparatively higher than for a 1 BHK apartment. This is because of the larger room sizes and the additional bedroom. Prices are calculated based on the standard 2 BHK homes in Bangalore. 

The expected price range for a 2 BHK apartment might come to around INR 4 to 6 lacs for a basic design and finishing quality. But, if you use high-quality laminates and high-end modular furniture, the budget ranges from 8 to 9 lacs. 

Things usually covered are:

2 BHK Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

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3 BHK Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

Consider another scenario where you bought a lavish 3 BHK apartment for your extended family and want to decorate your home with premium furniture and accessories to give luxurious vibes, ensuring to pay a hefty price. 

The interior design cost per square foot in Bangalore is 25% of the project’s overall cost.

With all the requirements mentioned earlier for a comfy and elegant home along with extra space and aspects, the interior design cost for 3 BHK in Bangalore will start from 7 lacs and reach up to 10 lacs. But if you can afford premium decor and lavish items, the cost might extend up to 15 lacs. 

Things usually covered are:

  • Gigantic TV unit with storage
  • Wood flooring
  • Fall False Ceiling & Chandelier
  • Trendy wall painting & wall art
  • Display unit for precious items
  • Fine wood quality beds for all 3 bedrooms
  • Sofa set with designer cushions
  • Modular wardrobe with overhead loft in high-end finishes
  • A space-saving vanity unit to dress up in the Master bedroom
  • Seamless kitchen cabinets with hydraulic doors
  • A foyer unit in the entryway
  • Complete air conditioning
3 BHK Interior Design Cost In Bangalore

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Interior design adds a WOW factor to your home. It transforms your limited area into a more extensive and open house. However, it is essential to share your budget and requirements with your interior designer so they can plan the best interior within the stipulated budget.

The right interior design ensures a comfortable life in a fast-paced city like Bangalore. In this blog, we have given you insights into the interior design cost in Bangalore, and we hope this will help you assess all the factors and make an informed decision. The figures mentioned are meant only for guidance, the actual numbers may vary depending on your taste.

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