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Types of Beds for Home

Top 20 Types of Beds for Home With Sizes

The bed is the place to rest, so it should be of the best design and quality. We work harder in the office for more than 8 hours and do other household tasks the rest of the time. 

After a long day, we all want to fall asleep and forget our fatigue. When selecting a bed for your house, consider how comfortable it is for your body. Let’s check out different types of bed designs!

Types of Bed Varieties to Consider for Your Home:

A hardwood bed frame is a safe bet if you’re searching for a timeless design. You can choose any wood for your bed frame, but mahogany is a terrific choice for a rich design.

1. Platform Bed

The platform is one of the nicest beds for the bedroom. It is lower and has a base on which to place the mattress. This bed features wooden rows where you can store your mattress. Platform beds are particularly popular in modern houses because they provide full body support. The size of the Platform bed is 72 inches by 84 inches. 

Platform Bed for home

2. Folding Bed

The next type of bed frame is a folding bed, which is among the most practical for a home. When not in use, these beds may be effortlessly folded and stored in a closet, taking up less space in the home. It has a wooden headboard that is suitable for sleeping.  The size of the Folding bed is 38 by 75 inches.

Folding Bed for home
Image Credit: Go Downsize

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3. Panel Bed

There are 2 types of panel beds. One type has a headboard and a footboard, while the other only has a headboard. Although they are a little outdated in style, these beds will make you feel comfortable. Wooden rails are used to connect the headboard and footboard. 

4. Sleigh Bed

The headboard and footboard of the sleigh beds are curved. This bed’s sides are larger than those of other beds. The sleigh bed reaches the floor and is modest in height. Sleigh beds come in numerous fashionable styles. The size of the Sleigh bed is 76 inches by 84 inches.

Sleigh Bed for home

5. Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can be mounted on walls. It features hinge frames and takes up little room. When you wake up, you can place the bed in the closet. Place some lovely flower pots on either side of the closet. The size of the Murphy bed is 80 inches by 82 inches.

Murphy Bed for home
Image Credit: Terry Cralle

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6. Trundle Bed

The bed that is located below the trundle is another bed. It lacks a footboard and has a tall wooden headboard. Three people can easily sleep on this style of bed, which also takes up minimal area. This one is one of the nicest bed types you may purchase for your bedroom. The size of the Trundle bed is 36 inches (3’0”) wide and 78 inches (6’6”) long. 

Trundle Bed for home

7. Adjustable Bed

The comfort of an adjustable bed extends to both sitting and sleeping. It features a motor that raises or lowers the bed to change its various levels. This bed has a broad headboard with sharp corners and a small raised footboard. 

Adjustable Bed for home

8. Standard Bed

This is a transportable bed that you may take on lengthy journeys or excursions. You can put the mattress on a metal frame that is part of it. Additionally, the conventional bed incorporates wheels for mobility.

Standard Bed for home

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9. Santiago Bed

The next bed idea is the Santiago Bed, among the bedroom’s most comfortable options. It touches the ground and has wooden rails connecting the headboard and footboard. The footboard is somewhat shorter than the headboard and features decorative borders. The size of the Santiago bed is 78 inches x Width 60 inches. 

Santiago Bed for home

10. DayBed

Daybeds can be positioned in any room of your house. This bed can be used for typical activities, including resting, sitting, and sleeping. It resembles a bed and features wooden or metal frames. 

DayBed for home

11. Poster Bed

Poster beds take up more room in the bedroom and have four vertical sides taller than the headboard and footboard combined. These bed designs are superior to more typical ones. Additionally, they offer larger storage for storing extra items. The size of the Poster bed is W 72 x L 78. 

Poster Bed for home

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12. Canopy Bed

You might choose a canopy bed to add a sophisticated touch to your bedroom. With a higher headboard and a lower footboard, it has ornamental frames. With fabric, you may create a ceiling or canopy to cover your bed while you sleep. The size of the Canopy bed is 86.75* 84.25. 

Canopy Bed for home

13. Bunk Bed

Children frequently sleep in bunk beds. They are composed of hardwood frames and have kids’ headboards and footboards that are the same size. These beds and bed frames are quite space-efficient in the room. The size of the Bunk bed is  80 inches x Width 84 inches. 

Bunk Bed for home

14. Futon Bed

The futon doubles as a sofa bed. Futon beds can be positioned in any room. This bed is comfortable enough to sit on, lie back in, or sleep on. Because these beds lack headboards and footboards, you can keep them in the drawing room to welcome visitors. The The size of the Futon bed is  76 inches x Width 80 inches. 

Futon Bed for home

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15. Convertible Ottoman Bed

The greatest options for frequent travelers are these beds. For longer distances, you can travel with it. It has a metal frame and is packaged in a box. There are no headboards or footboards on these convertible beds. The size of the Convertible Ottoman Bed is 135 inches x Width 195cm inches. 

Convertible Ottoman Bed for home

16. Reclining Sofa Bed

Use it as a sofa or a bed for sleeping or sitting. These are the best bed styles to get for your residences. When not in use, the mattress is folded inside the sofa. Its sides are curled.

Reclining Sofa Bed for home

17. Convertible Sofa Bed

The mattress on this couch bed is adjustable. It contains a single mattress that can be used for sitting and sleeping. When sitting, you can push the back cushion back and then draw it back in front if you wish to sleep. This bed doesn’t have a headboard.

Convertible Sofa Bed for home

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18. Storage Bed

The headboard of storage beds is higher and has sharp corners. They include storage compartments that may be pulled outward or opened up. This bed includes drawers below the footboard as well as on both sides.

Storage Bed for home
Image Credit: Mr Right

19. Air Bed

Despite being inflated with air, air beds are not the same as air mattresses. Compared to camping or traveling, air beds are considered more durable and made for use in the house. They may be utilized as standard beds or even as pull-out couches. The size of the air bed is 1.85m x 76cm x 22cm. 

Air Bed for home

20. Divan

Divan beds are distinctive because of their uniquely created base, which is made of a wooden frame covered in fabric. A headboard and storage drawers may be present in the base. Additionally, a mattress that complements the base is included for your comfort. This bed is ideal for people who want to buy a mattress and a bed simultaneously. The size of the divan bed is 84 cm x 40 cm x 42 cm. 

Divan for home

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These are the different types of beds to have at home, in offices, or to bring on family vacations. These beds offer superior support and make the body more flexible. However, the market offers a wide variety of designs. They take up less room and give your house a classy appearance.

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