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Types of Living room

18 Most Popular Types of Living Room Styles and Themes

Through nighttime conversations, dinner parties, and late-night movies, happiness is disseminated in the living room.

It is the space where we gather with family members to spend quality time. It is also the place where we cheer for our favorite sports team. But did you know, there are different types of living rooms, as well as layouts and styles. 

In this write-up, let’s talk about some of the most poplar living room types and themes.

Living Room Types According to Interior Design Styles

1.Contemporary Living Room

Today, most individuals choose to decorate their living rooms in a contemporary manner. A variety of hues gives your living space a trendy feel.

Modern living rooms feature opulent pieces like royal vases, artwork, and lovely lights with chic furniture.

Contemporary Living Room Interior design

2. Asian Living Room

Asian living room features orchids, low-level furniture, fancy lamps, and floral motifs, among other things.

It uses hues like gold and bronze to give the space a more artistic feel. If you wish to decorate your home with Chinese and Indian art, the Asian style is one of the most distinctive living room designs.

Asian Living Room Interior design

3. Industrial Living Room

Your living room will appear more natural thanks to the industrial interior design style.

You can construct a timber cabin or a metal screen railing in your living area. You can incorporate some decorative and distinctive pipeline concepts into the space.

It is preferable to paint the room an earthy tone. Numerous restoration firms can restore ancient structures while preserving their original aesthetic.

Industrial Living Room Interior design

4. Rustic Living Room

Applying a rustic living room style will give your house a more natural appearance.

Adding some plants, animal wallpaper design or a jungle atmosphere, are some good options. For a more exotic appearance, paint the entire space in dark and brown hues.

5. Scandinavian Living Room

Next on the list is the Scandinavian living room theme. Its interiors are creative and furnished with antique-style fixtures and furniture. It is among the most exquisite living room design ideas for houses.

Scandinavian Living Room Interior design

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6. Mediterranean Living Room

Mediterranean design is next on the list. Thanks to the rustic-colored wallpaper and tiled floors, your living area will have a beachy feel.

With a hint of nature and pine wood furniture, it is one of the most popular living room interior designs.

Mediterranean Living Room Interior design

7. Eccentric Living Room

Patterned wall and floor decorations are part of the eccentric style.

Additionally, it uses vibrant hues like orange, blue, red, and brown. Beautifully formed furnishings and fittings may be found in the living room with an unconventional design.

It also has a decent and refined appearance.

Eccentric Living Room Interior design

8. Chalet Living Room

One of the best living room designs for houses located in colder climates is the chalet. Wooden frames, animal head mounts, chic lamps, and a fireplace are all featured in this room’s decor.

These living rooms typically have bricks surrounding them and darker colors.

Chalet Living Room Interior design

9. Country Living Room

The rural theme is becoming more common in contemporary homes, as the name implies.

The country motif for a living room represents old interiors’ basic, line- or stripe-adorned walls. The walls are often cream or white in tone.

Country Living Room Interior design

10. Modern Living Room

This design incorporates contemporary windows, showcases, and furniture.

Wallpapers with patterned patterns and lovely artwork are included.

The view from a modern-style living room is comparable to that of a hotel room. For living rooms with a modern design, you can go with light hues like brown, cream, or grey.

Modern Living Room Interior design

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11. Craftsman Living Room

Craftsman style is a good option if you want your living room to be more artistic and fascinating.

It features stone fireplaces in an old-world style, hardwood floors, rugs, wood trim, and hand-made decorations.

Craftsman Living Room Interior design

12. Traditional Living Room

The traditional theme adds an Indian flavor to your entire living room. The wall can display genuine Indian designs and artwork.

You can choose elaborate lighting, regal carpets, creative lamps, and deep, rich hues for the living area. Place candlesticks and other decorative items all about.

13. Vintage Living Room

When you decorate your living room in the style of the 1950s or 1960s, you can experience that timeless era. Give your area a luxurious feel with chandeliers and sofa sets made of satin or velvet. Without sofa living room will not look good. 

Select silver, golden, and off-white paint colors for the walls of living rooms decorated in a vintage style to reflect that era.

Vintage Living Room Interior design

14. Retro Living Room

The 1990s period songs can be displayed on the walls to add a retro touch to your living room.

You can hang shiny decor items and colorful flower pots on the walls. Objects made of stone or glass may also be positioned.

Retro Living Room Interior design

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15. Minimalistic Living Room

Minimalist is one of your home’s most luxurious living room themes. You can get a table or chair with geometrical shapes in this living room.

Minimalistic Living Room Interior design

16. Mid-Century Living Room

The mid-century living room is characterized by wooden furniture, wall art in a graphic style from the era, and clean lines on the ceilings.

To improve the living area’s appearance, it features basic sofa sets and plush rugs.

Mid-Century Living Room Interior design

17. West Coast Contemporary Living Room

The seaside vibe of the room is created by the design of the living room. This style incorporates expansive entrances with huge windows and doors for natural lighting.

It has stone fireplaces and wooden furniture.

West Coast Contemporary Living Room Interior design

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18. Victorian Living Room

You can give your house a Victorian theme and make it look like a palace. It consists of ottomans, beautiful vases, lamps, and rugs with patterns.

Your house will appear more wealthy, as a result.

Victorian Living Room Interior design


These are the top living room design options for your residences. With pleasing colors and creative living room layout furniture, they enhance the beauty of your house. Don’t forget to list any expensive goods on your home insurance.

Additionally, no matter what design motif you decide on for your living area, our company is crucial to creating the ideal atmosphere.

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