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Laminates Cost, Types, Finishes and Maintenance

What are Laminates (Sunmica): Cost, Types, Finishes and Maintenance

You’re considering a kitchen and home renovation and have decided to go with laminates (sunmica) for interior design styles. It’s an excellent choice! Laminates (sunmica) are cost-effective and durable and come in various styles and finishes. This guide will teach you everything you want to know about laminates (sunmica)—from cost to care. Let’s get started.

What Are Laminates (Sunmica)?

Think of laminates as a layer of plastic or wood glued onto a surface. It’s usually used as a protective layer to prevent wear and tear, and it can be finished in various ways to achieve different looks.

Laminates come in two types: engineered and natural. Engineered laminates are made from composite materials like wood or plastic, while natural laminates are made from real wood.

Installation is quick and easy, and most laminates can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

What Are Laminates

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Different Types of Laminates

There are different types of laminates the most common ones are HPL, Compact HPL, Edge banding, Veneer and Edge banding.

1. HPL

High-Pressure Laminate is a type of laminate composed of layers of kraft paper and a decorative film. It is the most popular type of laminate because it is durable and easy to maintain. 

2. Compact HPL

This type of laminate is very similar to HPL, but it has fewer layers, making it a bit more fragile. It is usually used for smaller surfaces or applications requiring a faster turnaround time.

3. Edge banding

This laminate is applied as a strip around the edge of a surface. It is available in many colors and finishes and is durable. 

4. Veneer

Veneer is a type of laminate made of thin wood slices. It is often used for high-end applications because it has a realistic wood grain appearance.

There are also specialty laminates that are designed for specific applications. Some examples are fire-resistant laminates, antibacterial laminates and laminate with a metallic finish.

Different Types of Laminates

Finishes and Special Effects Of Laminates (Sunmica)

1. There are a few different finishes and special effects available with laminates.The most common effect is a glossy finish, which gives the laminate a high-shine look. 

2. There are also matte finishes, which can give the laminate a less formal look. 

3. If you’re looking for a textured finish, some laminates have a wood grain effect that can add extra visual interest to your space.

4. Special effects are also available, such as metallic finishes and marble effects. These can add an extra layer of luxury to your space and make your walls stand out from the crowd.

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Cost of Installing Laminate Sheets in India

If you’re considering getting laminates for your home, you’ll want to know the cost of installing laminate sheets in India. The cost can vary between Rs 60-Rs 200 per sq ft, depending on the type of finish and thickness of the laminate.

For instance, a glossy laminate finish may cost more than a matte one, or a thicker one may be priced differently than a thinner one. Keep in mind that there may be additional labor costs and installation charges that should also be considered before making a final decision.

The cost will also increase depending on the area/space you’re installing the sheet. For larger areas such as walls and ceilings, the laminate per sq ft cost will be higher due to more materials and labor involved. Therefore, it’s important to consider all these factors when estimating your total costs.

Uses of Wooden Laminates(Sunmica)

Wooden laminates are flooring that can give any room a touch of luxury. Laminates are made of high-quality wood that is covered in a glossy layer of plastic. This protects the wood and gives it a luxurious finish.

Wooden Laminates come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose from various colors or get creative and choose a custom color palette. 

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What Colors and Sizes of Laminate Sheets Are Available?

The colors and sizes of laminate sheets are important considerations when selecting this type of flooring. You’ll find a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can select the perfect one to match your décor. Laminate sheets are available in various sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your space. The laminate price per square foot is also important when selecting this type of flooring.

What Is the Laminate Price Per Square Foot?

The price of laminate per square foot will depend on the color and size of the sheet. Larger sheets will be more expensive, as well as sheets in more upscale or exotic colors. You can expect to pay anywhere from ₹50-350 per square foot for laminate, although some high-end brands can cost as much as ₹500 per square foot.

Colors and Sizes of Laminate Sheets

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Creative Ideas for Wood Laminate Usage

Now that you’ve figured out your preferred size and color options for your laminate, it’s time to get creative. Wooden Laminates can be used in various ways, including as a flooring option or a kitchen backsplash. You can get creative and use wooden laminates in unconventional ways around the home.

For example, why not use laminate sheets to add some decorative wall art? You can even use them behind pictures or artwork as a touch of texture. Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a countertop material because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Laminate sheets are also great for creating dividers or flexible tables that can be adjusted depending on the room’s usage. 

Laminates used in interior designing

When it comes to wooden laminates for your space, you can get creative. Interior designers love laminates as it allows easy customization based on their clients’ preferences, styles, and budgets. It also has a lot of benefits, including cost-effectiveness, durability, and ease to work.

In terms of colors and sizes, the possibilities are endless! You can choose from a variety of dark and light colors, as well as patterned options. Laminate sheets are available in different thicknesses and sizes, so you can easily find something that matches your needs. 

Laminates used in interior designing

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Guidelines for Maintaining Laminate Surfaces

1. Taking care of your laminated surfaces is a must to keep them looking as good as new. Here are some guidelines to help you maintain the laminates:

2. Avoid using abrasives or strong detergents, as they might damage the surface.Wipe spills immediately, and use absorbent paper towels, damp cloths or soft sponges to clean laminated surfaces.

3. Do not use acidic or alkaline cleaning agents at any stage, as this will cause damage to the surface of the laminates.

4. To protect from deep scratches and scuff marks, use floor mats in high-traffic areas like entranceways, by doors, and in front of appliances.

5. Avoid dragging furniture on wooden laminate flooring, as it can cause dull specs and scratches on the finish.

6. If a laminated surface is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, it is advisable to cover it with curtains or blinds to protect it from fading and discoloration.

Tips to Choose the Right Laminate Sheet

Regarding choosing the right colors and sizes of laminate sheets, there are things you should keep in mind. 

  • First and foremost, you should always look for a quality product with good warranties. Quality products usually come with better warranties than those offered by low-grade suppliers.

  • Additionally, take time to research different types of laminates. Consider their costs and look at the finishes available in each type, as they can add different levels of durability and appeal to the finished product.

  • Finally, if you’re going with sunmica laminates, ask about the sheets’ resistance to scratches and stains. Sunmica is known for its durable properties, but all sunmica sheets will not necessarily be as resistant. Consider this when choosing which type of laminate sheet is best for your project.
sizes of laminate sheets

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So, these are some important factors you need to consider before getting laminates for your home. Apart from these, deciding on the finish you want on your wooden laminates is also recommended. Different finishes give different looks to your furniture and affect the laminate design’s durability. You can choose between matte, glossy, and textured finishes.

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