About Us

Designs, at your fingertips

DsignDpo is the top-notch interior decor app crafted by interior designing veterans. The app brings home decor, renovation, and interior design to the behest of your fingers. The aim is to make it seamless for everyone to get appealing designs at an affordable cost and furnish the home of their dreams. 

You can get all the work done by this app that you expect from a professional interior designer. The catch here is, you can choose from as many designs as you like. 


For Home Owners: Design Your Home With Passion

  • Professional 3D Designs

Explore impressive designs with proper measurements & details. These are crafted by professional interior designers, and are not random images that you see on the internet.

  • Choose From Hundreds of Designs

For all sections of your home, like bedroom, kitchen, drawing room, temple, etc., you get lots of design ideas based on the home size, utility, and your interests. 

  • 2D Working Drawings

Find exact measurements of the designs in 2D drawings so that your carpenter can easily understand them and start your work instantly.

  • List of Materials for Budget Estimation

Get details of all materials required for interior design, like plywood, sun mica, adhesive, hardware, etc. It helps you estimate the budget yourself or visit the dealer for a budget idea. 

  • Share Designs With Loved Ones

The app allows you to share your preferred interior designs with your family members, friends, or anyone else. You can take their input before finalizing the right design. 

  • Full Details of Designs You Choose

Every design comes with a column of details, like measurement, material, and other important information that matters to you while getting the design implemented.

For Carpenters: Modern & Trendy Mobile Catalogue

  • Well-Arranged Catalogue

The app has hundreds of interior designs arranged well in different folders based on the type of area or room. It makes it easier for carpenters to explore designs as per the requirement. 

  • Give Lots of Choices to Customers

The carpenter can offer customers a plethora of design options as per their requirements, interests, and interior design budget. 

  • Save Time

Once customers finalize the design from catalogue, the carpenter can start the work instantly, as all design measurements and details are available within the app.

  • Become Self-Dependent

When the carpenter has a catalogue of designs with all the required details, it eliminates the dependency on interior designers and empowers carpenters to become self-dependent.

  • Provide Budget Estimation to Customers

Based on the interior designs that customers like, carpenters can do a quick calculation of the materials required and provide customers with an estimated budget.

An Amazing Marketing Tool for Hardware Dealers

If you are a dealer of plywood, glass, timber, and other hardware required in interior designing, DsignDpo is a great marketing tool for you.

  • Stay Connected With Customers

It is crucial for dealers to stay in touch with their customers. But because of lack of time, they fail to do so. Moreover, carpenters are also important customers of a dealer, especially in the plywood industry. 

DsignDpo helps you add carpenters and homeowners in different categories and keep them in touch.

  • Well-Designed Banners for Special Occasions

The app has plenty of banner templates related to festivals and special occasions. The dealers can share the banners of their choice with hundreds of customers within a few clicks. 

Without this app, it is difficult & time-consuming to message hundreds of customers on an individual basis. 

  • Show Appealing Designs to Customers

The app has hundreds of interior designs, using which your customers can design the home of their dreams in an amazing way.

You can show these designs to your customers based on their interests, choices, colors, etc., and share the colorful printed design with them.

  • Modern Features for Business Growth

We have added several great features and functionalities in this app, keeping in mind the requirements of dealers in modern times.

The dealers can use these features for marketing purposes and to keep customers engaged. It fuels business growth.