Best Living Room Interior Designs in India

A living room is often a home hub and is personable to you and your needs. It needs to be uber-stylish, functional and comfortable. Also known as Baithak kaksh or Divanakhana, the living area is a place where we all congregate, laugh, and play. 

Living room interior designs set the tone for the decor of the rest of your home. The joy of crafting a well-decorated living room is unfathomable. Your living room interior design style must be suitable for enjoying time with family and entertaining guests. 

There’s no question that your living space reflects your style and personality. It's the first thing your visitors notice when they walk in. Hence, ensuring that the living room is visually pleasing, warm and valuable is critical.

Why Living Room Interior Design Matters?

What’s the big deal about living room interior design? It is the most likely question that you may ask.  

Home interiors aren't just random things coming together but carefully constructed collages of design and function. Simply look around your home and ask yourself why is something where it is.  

Here are a few reasons why interior designs for living room matters:

  1. Prettify Your Living Space

Living room designs make your place alive and bring aesthetically-pleasing transformations. They make the space look monumental and welcoming and ensure each element of the design and layout matches the room's purpose. To lend the perfect look and ambience to the seating room, furnishing helps you with every aspect - from the balance and symmetry of the design to colour and lighting.

  1.  Make Your Living Room Look More Functional 

Functionality is the major component of interior design. Well-designed spaces are pleasing to the eyes and are supremely functional. They offer a cohesive look to the drawing room by providing adequate lighting and aesthetic yet convenient furniture. A grand living room design interior tailors your lifestyle and needs.

  1.  Make Your Living Space Easy To Maintain

Adopting the proper measures to design your home ensures its beauty stays strong. Over a period of time, interior designing of the living room also helps to make the regular maintenance. Moreover, a good living room design makes damage rare because it lowers the risks of accidents that cause damage to fragile furniture and other accessories.

  1.   Give Your Space Positive Vibes

The power of colour influences how a room makes you feel. For example, if you head to a yoga or meditation centre, you will likely see calming colours like blues and greens adorning the walls. It is known that colours impact energy, wavelength and promote visual harmony and peace when walking into the drawing room. 

Different Types of Living Room Designs

Minimalistic, contemporary, modern, vintage, eclectic, retro - there are so many ideas of living room designs one can think of. 

So we have picked up the most popular types and tried to decode them for you. 

  • Modern Living Room Designs

The word ‘modern’ signifies the drawing room's appearance. It includes simple elements but still loses no chances of surprising you. 

A modern living room design features a simple colour palette with bold accents, clean lines, and an open floor plan, ultimately appearing simplistic. This style also provides a sense of grandeur with decor that fits with time.

  • Contemporary Living Room Designs

No one can stand next to this if you want a dual-tone of black and white with a simple touch of loveliness in your living room. Basic and straightforward, this design misses no chance to flabbergast you.

A contemporary living room design typically encompasses various colours, patterns and decor that are trendy and timeless, and involves artwork that catches one’s eye.  The key to a contemporary style is introducing all these design elements without making the space look too busy, giving it a look of a refined-looking living room. 

  • Minimalist Living Room Designs

This style focuses on minimalism in using various elements, including simple furnishings and a neutral colour scheme.

The minimalist design style is similar to the modern style but takes clean and simple design even further. Declutter and only intentional decor pieces; this design type is elementary and alluring to the eye. With a minimal living room design, less is more - this is where furniture becomes requisite in bringing the whole space together. 

  • Rustic Living Room Designs

If beauty has a face, the crown must be awarded to this look. Wondering why? It's an ancient style that efficiently increases the warmth of your living room.

With a rustic living room design, you create a space typically featuring leather furniture, rich wood tones, and stone accents, making it incredibly comfortable and intimate. 

  • Transitional Living Room Designs

Are you confused between traditional and contemporary looks? Then check out this option. It's a perfect blend of both. Though simple, it has a uniqueness enough to go gaga over.

A transitional living room design gives off a timeless and clean look many homeowners strive to achieve. 

  • Indian Style Living Room Designs

If you wait to give a warm and bold look to your living room, it's the best choice. It is the epitome of elegance. Although it is as old as the sea, one look is enough to fall in love with its beauty.

Indian living room design decor is full of deep, rich colours and intricate, ornate designs, so it's no wonder you would want to replicate it in your living room.

  • Luxury Living Room Designs

Luxury living room design is a highly raved interior style because it makes one feel like royalty. It focuses on creating a luxurious and opulent environment often characterised by lavish, expensive-looking materials and furnishings and a high level of attention.

Accessories for Living Room Interior Design

Your home is your sanctuary, whether you own it or rent it. You spend a lot of time here, so make it look like it is the absolute best with ease.  

Check out these accessories to include in your latest living room interior design and transform your living room into the most comfortable, welcoming, beautiful and lived-in room.

  1.  Plants

Plants are a no-brainer addition to your creative toolkit, giving room colour, form and life. Every drawing hall must include a vibrant, green, natural plant. Plants are so versatile that they look fantastic in any decor style. 

  1.  A Comfortable Area Rug

An area rug is a perfect way to pull your living room together since it gives a cosier vibe and welcoming feel. A soft texture rug that feels cosy under your feet makes any living room look inviting. So they are great additions to living rooms. 

  1.  Overhead Lighting

Living room illumination can be upgraded easily and does not have to be expensive. Chandelier makes your living room the centre of attraction. These fancy lighting fixtures are not just a source of illumination for oodles of brightness but also the fanciest option. In modern and contemporary living rooms, crystal chandeliers look fabulous, whereas antique and rustic overhead lights add glam to the space in traditional rooms. 

  1.  Sofa

The sofa is the first living room essential you must nail down first. As the most significant piece of furniture, the couch is paramount to setting the right tone for your space. Sofas are among the most expensive pieces, and we all know how important it is to have a comfy place to rest our bodies after a long day.

  1.  Coffee Table

Coffee table, a centrepiece, is another essential element in the living room. It brings a living room together without overwhelming the space. These are natural companions to sofas and seating areas. Moreover, they serve a myriad of functions, such as storage. 

  1. Candles

Use candles to make your living room feel cosier and more inviting. Candles immediately add a touch of ambience to your living room. It doesn't matter what type of candles you add. You can choose from scented glass jar candles, hurricane lamps, votive, old-school tapers, or LED flame candles.

  1. Throw Pillows

It is always a good idea to have throw pillows in your living room. These are a great way to add some personal style to your space. Throw pillows of various patterns, shapes, and fabrics add texture to your room.

  1. Decor Accents

Decor accent stands out against the rest of the space's decor or style. Objects that show off your personality are a great way to infuse some character into a dull living room.  For example, If your room has beige furniture, adding a colourful chair adds to the room's accent.

  1. Wall Decor & Art

A bare wall makes the room feel dull. Adding an attractive wall decoration or a piece of art breaks up the ample blank space and adds character. 

You may pick some modern accessories for the living room, including wall decals and faux paintings, or the best would be to decorate the wall by framing and hanging your memorable pictures. You can also accessorise your living room by adding a few handicrafts.

  1. Bold Drapes/ Curtains

The drapes or curtains give the living room an eye-catching character and are an excellent way of introducing colour and bold patterns in this space. 

The colour, design, and fabric of your curtains depend entirely on the theme of your room, your sofa set’s upholstery colour, the floor, and of course, the wall colour.  

Tips and Ideas for Living Room Designs

Are you yearning for a cosy living room? A well-designed drawing room must be a natural blend of style and function. Many living room design ideas exist, but understanding what you like is the first step! Once you decide on a type that you love and fits your lifestyle, the second step is narrowing down on a living room layout idea. 

Introduce these ideas for living room design in your living area to create a sophisticated, comfortable place with a streamlined look.

  1. Funk Up The Furniture

To give your living room an affordable refresh, get innovative with what you have. Play around with rearrangement of the existing living room furniture pieces until you hit one that feels just right. Purge the room items that don't belong, declutter and rethink furniture arrangements to overhaul your drawing room without spending a dime.

  1.  Amp Up The Drama

Nothing gives a room a sense of wisdom and history more than a lovely antique. Large-scale accessories like lamps, mirrors, and furniture are great, but small accessories can also do the trick. Also, adding a personal touch by incorporating items that reflect your hobbies and cherished memories can make your living room feel extra special.

  1. Designate A Focal Point

Your living room’s focal point is where people’s eyes will fall when they first walk into your room. Based upon your focal point, decorate the space around it for a cohesive feel and ensure to pay attention to the vibe it is giving off. For example, a fireplace is a natural focal point that helps you draw into the space. Even a beautiful view or a stunning piece of art also serves as a room's focal point. 

  1. Balance Function & Beauty

Dividing a living room equal in parts, beautiful and functional, is essential to create a gorgeous living area. Hence, it is vital to maintain a proper balance between both. You want an enchanting space, but see if you are comfortable. 

For example, you have bought an ultra-stylish couch for your living room, but what good is it if it doesn't offer comfort? So always prefer the styles that go well with your complete state of mind, soothe you, and make you feel lively.

  1. Accentuate With Lighting

Just like the correct key is essential to open any lock; similarly, the proper lighting is vital to unlocking your way to add exceptional beauty to your living area. Adding perfect lighting can be a daunting task, but can be fun if done the right way. The trick is to incorporate lights that maintain a warm temperature with the colours of the walls,  furniture and other decoratives. 

Furniture to Use for Living Room Interior Design in India

Each room in the house serves a purpose. An ordinary living room has a variation of coffee tables and sofas. But why should you settle for ordinary? 

Living room, sometimes also known as the seating room, typically contains a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, bookshelves, electric lamps, rugs and other extra furniture.

Many types of living room furniture can spruce up the space and transform your living area into a suitable place for entertaining your guests or winding down with your family.

Here are 8 great suggestions for furniture to use for living room interior design:

  1. Sofa Sets

Usually, living room sofa sets are available in a combination of three-seaters + two-seaters + one-seater (3 + 2 + 1), three-seaters + two-seaters (3 + 2), three-seaters + one-seater + one-seater (3 + 1 + 1) in the market.

  1. Recliner

It is a chair that makes your life more comfortable and relaxed in your house. It is suggested to be in a common place like the living room or family room for resting. 

  1. Centre or Coffee Table

Centre table is arranged in the centre of the living room, mainly used for coffee/tea or snacks. It is also sometimes used to hold books, magazines, newspapers, TV/AC remotes, food, etc. You might want to keep your feet up while relaxing on the couch watching TV, or the kids might need a place for drawing.

  1. Side Table or End Table

These tables are used for corners or at the end of sofas for showcasing an indoor plant, antiques, lamps and many more for living room decor. It gives ideal storage for essentials like TV/AC remotes, food and many other items, along with a lower half shelf for storing books, magazines etc. Place it within easy reach of the sofa or favourite armchair.

  1. Bean Bags

A bean bag is a cushion filled with beans and comes in various shapes and sizes. It is flexible and available in multiple fabrics. Due to its lightweight, it can be moved to any room per the individual need.

  1. Ottoman or Foot Rest

Ottaman is an upholstered seat available in any shape with or without a back. Being small, it can be moved whenever necessary; for unexcepted guests or just to stretch your legs by remaining comfortably seated on the armchair. It is also a part of luxury and comfort, usually used with an armchair for reading and relaxing.

  1. Show Case or Tv/Music Unit or Media Storage

It is used for placing TV units/ DVD players or other media storage and displaying attractive living decor pieces. It is also used for storing magazines, books and other stationary items, and many more as per individual requirements.

  1. BookCase

If you have maximum wall space in your living room - adding a bookshelf would be a practical and functional way of using that space as a part of a small library in the living.

Living room design ideas not only impress your visitors but can also be a regular source of joy for you. You can create a perfect living room design by combining your ideas and some inspiration. Overall, decorating your living room may be a pleasant journey if approached in the right way. 

Living room interior design goes step by step, and everything is connected with each other, like if your interiors are good, but the living room’s furniture doesn’t go well; in such cases, your interiors will look repulsive. So, it's necessary to carefully plan your seating room to give that WOW effect. We hope you got a clear idea to design your perfect living room