Modular Kitchen Designs 2023: For Your Dream Home

The kitchen is the most important part of every house. Whether small or big, every house has a dedicated kitchen. Investing some amount of money while preparing your home’s kitchen interior is not a bad idea. Advanced interior designs are helping people live a more comfortable and harmonious life in their homes. 

Modular kitchen designs have emerged as the most preferred choice for houses. We have created and figured out the best modular kitchen designs. These designs are ideal for different home sizes and areas. Modular kitchen designs are the perfect way to make your place look sophisticated and clean. 

Our perfect kitchen interior designs will change the look of your house and make you fall in love with your kitchen. Our aim is to transform your house and bring the best out of every corner of your home. 

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Are you finding the most suitable kitchen interior design for your home? If yes, then you are at the right place. DsignDpo is a digital solution to provide you with the most sorted interior solutions at your fingertips. 

You need not go to physical stores to choose modern kitchen designs. Customers can explore hundreds of beautiful kitchen interior design ideas with a click. 

We provide you with the perfect layout and blueprint for your desired kitchen interior design. At DsignDpo, you can find out various kitchen interior types. Select the most favorable design as per your area and design preference. 

Types of Modular Kitchen Interior Designs

Depending upon the type of platform, storage, cupboards, and colors, one can find multiple types of modular kitchen interior design today. Let's get a walkthrough of various modular kitchen designs available today.

  • L-Shape:

It is the ideal modular kitchen design for small kitchens. The design makes the most optimal use of space while keeping an appropriate space for lighting. You can use one platform for cooking and the other for cleaning and chopping purposes. 

  • U-Shape:

This is the perfect modular kitchen design for the luxury modern kitchen. It covers all three sides of the space. This is only preferred if you have larger areas. Different counters serve different purposes. Two people can easily work in this kitchen. 

  • Straight Design:

It is a very compact-sized kitchen design suitable for studio apartments. Only one person can work in this type of kitchen. You cannot bring big kitchen appliances in these small modular kitchen designs. Explore the best straight interior design ideas for the kitchen from our catalogs.  

  • Parallel Platform:

It is a more modern kitchen type that is mostly used in professional places like restaurants and cafes. Two separate platforms run parallel with each other. The design proves ample walking space and is also good for people who want sufficient storage space. 

  • Island Design:

It is a preferred kitchen design for luxurious villas. A platform covers the three sides of the space, and it has a central island. The island serves different purposes. It is the most alluring and good-looking kitchen design among the rest. Commonly the central island serves as a breakfast table and drinks counter. 

How to Choose the Best Modular Kitchen Designs in India?

  1. Download DsignDpo App from Playstore.

  1. Register and subscribe to the application with all the required details. 

  1. Now Choose from the type of interior or furniture that you need. 

  1. Provide the exact measurement of your kitchen area. 

  1. Use filters to explore what you want.

  1. Now select from a range of modular kitchen designs with prices. 

DsignDpo: Your One-Stop Interior Solution Hub

The kitchen is the main hub of your house. We know it is the place where all your delicious food is cooked. Our expert interior designers have worked hard to bring you the most functional yet beautiful modular kitchen design ideas. Here you can find perfect kitchen designs at your fingertips. Why choose us?

  • Latest Modular Kitchen Design

We have a wide range of modular kitchen designs. Users can explore our list's recent and latest modular kitchen ideas. The best part is our never-ending design list. Our team keeps working on new ideas and adding them to our catalogs. 

  • 2-D Photos of Modular Kitchen Designs

It is not possible to access so many designs in one place. But at DsignDpo, you have the leverage to get a 2-D map and blueprint of multiple modular kitchen designs.

  • Budget-Friendly Online Modular Kitchen Design

We assure you that you get the best for what you pay. You can filter your budget and then search for the best available option for your modular kitchen designs with price. 

  • Detailed View

Customers get to see how these designs will look in the same space. You learn about the materials and tools that let you build your chosen design. 

Modular Kitchen Designs FAQs 

    What is a good modular kitchen design in India?

    It depends upon the size of your kitchen and its usability. If you own a big villa, then a U-shaped kitchen is good for you, else you can go with other options. 

      How much does interior design for a kitchen cost?

      On average, an interior designer in India costs 20k to 50k to provide a 3-D interior design for a kitchen. 

        What kitchen type is best for 1-BHK flat interior design?

        Straight modular kitchen design is best for 1-BHK flats. 

          How to plan open kitchen interior design?

          Start with considering the area and then decide on island or u shaped kitchen designs. 

            What is the best kitchen interior design for a small kitchen?

            One that fulfills all your purpose and does not consume much space is ideal for a small kitchen. You can choose from U-shaped or straight kitchen designs.